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Bears vs Packers Rivalry Showdown

As the Bears and Packers were looking to play each other in an intense rivalry game it turned out to be the exact opposite as only one team showed up to play. The Bears defense seemingly didn’t show up for one of the best quarterbacks in the game right now. Aaron Rodgers lit it up as he went 18/27 with 6 touchdowns, all of which came in the first half of the game. On the other side of the field, Jay Cutler went 22/37 with 1 touchdown.

This Sunday night showdown set many records. The 42-0 lead at half was the second largest margin at half in NFL history. The 42-0 lead was the biggest margin the Bears have ever trailed by at half. And lastly, the 6 touchdowns by Rodgers was the second most in NFL history in a half. The Bears were only the second team to allow 50+ points in consecutive games. (The last was the Rochester Jeffersons in 1923)

Statistics prove exactly why the score was fit for the score in tonight’s game. Packers outplayed the Bears all around with an astounding 451 yards total, while the Bears fell behind with only 311. The Bears have one of the most productive running backs in the NFL and only got 55 yards tonight on 24 attempts. Matt Forte and the Chicago Bears are an astounding 22-1 when Forte has touched the ball more 35 times or more. The Packers rushed for 132 yards on 32 attempts.

The Packers have improved their record to (6-3) while the Bears have moved to the exact opposite at (3-6).

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