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NBA Draft: Julius Randle can change the NBA

Former Kentucky Wildcats power forward Julius Randle is capable of great things in the NBA. Randle is a 6’9 and 250 lbs at the power forward position; don’t forget that he is full of potential. Out of the big men in the draft, Randle has an edge that set him apart from Noah Vonleh’s and Joel Embiid’s of draft class. Randle is an offensive player with a polished jump shot, which is very surprising for a big man. He has enough potential to become a star of the NBA because of his dynamic skills. First, scouts thought he will be the next big man to become a bust. but Randle could change the NBA issue with the lack of consistent big man. The association needs a big man who can become a superstar and win a championship. Currently in the league, we are spoiled with superstar combo guards and small forwards. The NBA needs a power forward like Randle to carry a team and make players better, because it’s usually the other positions winning and developing. Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin all have pieces on their team to contribute. Randle will most likely not have many pieces to create a successful team. The pressure will be on his shoulders to help the team win. Randle’s consistency and durability separate him from Joel Embiid in the draft. He has stable jump shot and can stay healthy. Embiid’s injury puts a warning flag up for scouts, which can benefit Randle in the long run. Embiid was spoiled with Andrew Wiggins at Kansas, scouts didn’t see his full potential with a “terrible team.” Randle’s Kentucky team was VERY underrated (for once), storming to the March Madness Finals. According to many mock drafts, Randle could end up playing with Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant would play a part in improving Randle’s leadership, because he would be the new face of the Los Angeles team.


Julius Randle, Kentucky

Age: 19

Position: PF

Statline: 15.0 points-per-game, 10.4 rebounds-per-game, 1.4 assists-per-game, 0.8 blocks-per-game, 50.0% field goal percentage



-Powerful and explosive power forward

-Strong offensive player; decent jump shot

-Creative post moves

-Terrific rebounder (both sides of the ball)



-Needs to become a better leader

-Better basketball IQ

-Defense needs improved


Overview: Randle’s apparent size (6’10, 7’0 wingspan) separates him from most of the power forwards in the 2014 NBA Draft.

He will stick out at the power forward position. Randle will need to become a better leader on his new team, because they will most-likely NEED a strong leader. Randle will power his way to success if he improves his leadership, defense, and basketball IQ.


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