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NBA Central Division: The Weakest Links

In the Eastern Conference, the Central Division has work to do. In this article, I outline the major weakness of each team.

Central Division:

Indiana Pacers: Chemistry
After the signing of Evan Turner, the Indiana Pacers haven’t had the excellent chemistry they had in earlier years. Everything went down hill after February. First, Paul George’s personality is like Kevin Durant; he is too passive on the court. George needs to speak up, but he is letting Lance Stephenson control the team. George’s ceiling is higher than most NBA stars; he needs to live up to the potential. Roy Hibbert hasn’t been on the same page with his teammates either. Looking at his performances, it looks like he doesn’t even know his role on the team. If Indiana cannot solidify their roles, they can kiss their winning record goodbye. George, Stephenson, and Hibbert are talented and can develop into a dangerous big three, but the rumors and drama have affected them greatly. If the Indiana Pacers can improve their chemistry, the superstar performances would be back in Indy.


Detroit Pistons: Leadership
The Detroit Pistons have the pieces to win, but they play worse than they are. Detroit doesn’t have a leader that can step up and win games. Josh Smith came to Detroit to be a leader, but we haven’t seen any positive results. Detroit needs a coach on the sidelines to help. Again, this team is full of talent: Smith, Jennings, Monroe, and Drummond are just a few of talented player. The Detroit Pistons will just need to pursue talented stars in the offseason. Hopefully the new GM Jeff Bower can help bring Detroit back to life. All in all, the Detroit Pistons are a talented team, but need to find someone that will step up and take charge.


Cleveland Cavaliers: Maturity

According to several reports, the Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t the most mature team in the league. Cleveland is very young and talented, but they need to mature in the rebuilding years. Kyrie Irving is a developing point guard (currently one of the best), but needs to help improve his teammates. Dion Waiters is a young improving player, but still needs to mature. If Irving and Waiters can step up and improve their team, it would definitely shorten the time to rebuilding. But don’t get your hopes up Cleveland, LeBron James will not be back to your team.


Milwaukee Bucks- Star Power
The Milwaukee Bucks look to be drafting their new face of their team. With the second pick of the 2014 NBA Draft, a lot of young stars with potential will available. Milwaukee needs any talent they can get. Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid would help the offensive game of the Bucks. In the 2013-14 season, Milwaukee was ranked in the bottom half of almost all total stats;  28th in points-per-game, 24th in rebounds-per-game, 17th in assists-per-game, and 25th in points allowed. It’s obvious that this team needs some talent in all fields. If Milwaukee can draft a solid player like Parker, the Bucks will need to get ready to make changes in training camp.

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks


Chicago Bulls: Offense

Defense is everything in Chicago, but there comes a time when you need offense. This season, the Chicago Bulls were ranked last (30th) in total points-per-game. Chicago’s one-sided game will end up hurting them in the long run, until they can get a offensive player. Taj Gibson stepped up this year leading his team with 18.2 points-per-game; not bad for a power forward. But Gibson cannot contend with the dynamic scorers at the guard position. Chicago will be in need of the return of Derrick Rose to help aid the scoring issue. If Chicago can become more offensively minded, they can give the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers a run next season. If Chicago cannot become offensively strong, they won’t see past the second round of the NBA playoffs.

NBA: Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls

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