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Francisco Liriano Is Either A Cy Young Award Pitcher or Bust

If you are a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, then you have heard the name Francisco Liriano. He went to the Pirates last offseason to be a top pitcher.  Not many people were happy about this.

Before Liriano became a Pirate, he was with the Minnesota Twins. He entered the majors in 2005, and was an all-star in 2006.  After that things started to go wrong.

By 2009, his ERA had ballooned from 2.16 in 2006 to 5.80 in 2009. Also Liriano went from a 12-3 season in 2006 to 5-13 in 2009 plus many surgeries over the years.

By 2012 his career was a wreck. Despite winning comeback player of the year, his career was basically in the tanks.

In the winter of 2012, Pirates GM Neal Huntington decided to give him a chance. Huntington  had already done this with A.J. Burnett, who then was looked at as a has been with the Yankees.

So after some renegotiating, Liriano signed a 1 year 1 million dollar deal. Liriano had a terrific rebound season. He finished with a 16-8 record along with a 3.02 ERA.

Liriano will forever go down in Pittsburgh sports history as the man who was the starting pitcher in the Pirates first postseason game in 21 years. In that game they were hosting  rival, the Cincinnati Reds.

Johnny Cueto was the Reds pitcher. Cueto was tortured by the rowdy Pirates fans, who ran him out of the game by the 3rd inning. The Pirates won the game 6-2 but lost in the divisional round to the eventual National League Champion the St. Louis Cardinals.

So what is up with him? Maybe its his grit and will to win.

Liriana seems to have a great year than will digress the next year. Last year he was on top of the baseball world. His career was back and was considered for the Cy Young Award and more league awards.

So is that why Liriano strived for was the attention? Now that he has it, is he still willing to work hard for it? It seems to be a pattern with him.

One year he’s great all the attention is on him, and he is going for comeback player of the year award and more. Then the next year, he is having a down year and back to having problems with  his wins record, high ERA, etc. Then he’s back to Mr. Perfect status. So what is really up with him? It’s up to the average fan to decide.


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