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NFL Power Rankings: AFC North

With NFL teams already getting ready for the upcoming season with OTA’s currently in progress, here is a look at the AFC North teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and their key game.

1.) Cincinnati Bengals

-Strengths: Recieving (AJ Green, Marvin Jones), efficient on both sides of ball

-Weaknesses: Security in Dalton/McCarron, rushing

-2014-15 season’s key game: December 22, Denver Broncos



2.) Pittsburgh Steelers

-Strengths: Very young, defensive play, offensive line

-Weaknesses: Receiving, consistency of secondary, rushing, injuries

-2014-15 season’s key game: December  7 and 28,  Cincinnati Bengals



3.) Baltimore Ravens

-Strengths: Special teams, potential, coaching

-Weaknesses: Rushing, offensive line, secondary’s stability

-2014-15 season’s key game: November 24, New Orleans Saints



4.) Cleveland Browns

-Strengths: Young talent, receiving,  fan-base

-Weaknesses: Rushing, efficiency, maturity, experience

-2014-15 season’s key game: December 7, Indianapolis Colts



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