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LA Kings take 2-1 series lead over Blackhawks

By: Ryan Zolin & Katie Dyne

Game three was an important one to both the Chicago Blackhawks, and LA Kings looking to take a lead in the series. The Blackhawks won game one while the Kings won game two.

Game three started off intense when Jonathan Toews scored two goals in the first period. Toews of the Blackhawks had taken the first goal of the game without an assist while shorthanded at 14:34, having his teammate, Michael Handzus in the penalty box. Only a about minute later Slava Voynov had scored on the powerplay for the Kings from the middle of the ice to even the score. Before you knew it the end of period one was coming to a close when Toews had struck again. The puck had been to the side of the goal, and with puck control Toews was able to pop up the puck behind Jonathan Quick. The Blackhawks had a 2-1 lead at the end of the first.

Heading into the second was intense. The Blackhawks were starting to slow down with their momentum while the Kings had no reason to stop theirs as they scored two goals.

Period two had gone the King’s way with excellent execution. Within eight minutes the puck made it behind Corey Crawford. Tanner Pearson was reinforcement for getting the puck to Carter, which had resulted in a sneaky goal. The Kings had been peppering Crawford the past two periods with a total of 20 shots on goal, where the Blackhawks only had 14 shots. The score was 3-2 at the end of the second in favor of the Kings.

What looked to be a great ending sure got everyone’s hopes up for nothing. The Blackhawks started the third slower than ever. They couldn’t get any shots off as they were out shot 9-3. The Kings were playing even more aggressive now as they had high hopes to taking the series lead. Jake Muzzin’s pass from the blue line over to Drew Doughty had resulted in a goal in the third period, which would give the Kings a 4-2 lead.

In the last remaining minutes, the Blackhawks had pulled Crawford off the ice to have the extra man advantage. With only three seconds left in the third, Nick Leddy had a shot from the blue line and which had a deflection from Patrick Sharp that resulted in a Blackhawks goal.

The Kings won game three to capture a 2-1 series lead. In the end the Blackhawks had fired 27 shots on goal, where the winning team had dominated with a total of 32 shots. Also contributing to the win, the Kings had won 30 out of 57 face-offs. The Kings were ready to play, and overall had a much more proficient game than on Wednesday.

Even though the Kings had won on Wednesday 6-2, it seemed they didn’t have much fire until the third period. Throughout the whole game both teams had played a solid, but one team has to win and the other has to lose.

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