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Pittsburgh Power statement win against LA Kiss

(Photo: JeffreyJamesPhotography)

The Pittsburgh Power recorded their third straight win against the Los Angeles Kiss by the final score of 56-26.

In front of 7,000+ fans at Pittsburgh’s Consol Energy Center, the action started off early with defensive end Anthony Hoke taking a fumble (forced by James Bryant) for a touchdown. Hoke has proven himself to be one of the most underrated defensive ends in the AFL, and it further validated Pittsburgh’s elite defense.

The offense produced as well. Power quarterback Tommy Grady finished the game throwing 202 yards with five touchdowns. After losing pass-catchers Aaron Lesue and Prechae Rodriguez, wide receivers Tyrone Goord and Shawn Kauleinamoku have been pressured to step up. The recievers’ major concern related to running routes better, and they improved tremendously.

The game looked to be a blowout until defensive anchor Virgil Gray went down, hurting his ankle after a LA Kiss player fell on it. After the game, he seemed in good spirits but did not know that status of his injury. Gray will have an MRI on Monday to find out more. The Pittsburgh Power head to Florida to take on the Orlando Predators.

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